Websites for recommended suppliers of oboe related materials
(i.e., new and used instruments, music, reed cases, reed making supplies, etc.)

Oboists on the web

Miscellaneous Resources


Double Reed Dish: hosted by Galit Kaunitz (oboe) and Jacqui Wilson (bassoon). The Double Reed Dish is great. They interview important double reed players and teachers each month. I highly recommend listening to this podcast as it's both informative and fun.

Recommended books

The New Rules of Posture by Mary Bond --- a good resource if you are experiencing any physical pain while playing

The Oboe by Geoffrey Burgess and Bruce Haynes --- a complete history textbook of the oboe

Oboemotions by Stephen Caplan --- subtitled: 'What Every Oboe Player Needs to Know about the Body'

The Audition Process by Dunkel & Dunkel --- subtitled: 'Anxiety Management and Coping Strategies'

Oboe Reed Styles by David A. Ledet --- an anthology of international styles, includes backlit pictures

Essays for Oboists by Jay Light --- subtitled: 'More "Straight Talk" about achieving success'

The Oboe Reed Book by Jay Light --- subtitled: 'A Straight-talking Guide to Making/Understanding'

Sound in Motion by David McGill --- an in-depth study of musical phrasing using the Tabuteau method

The Oboe Revealed by Carl J. Sawicki --- the nuts and bolts of maintaining an oboe

Oboe: Art and Method by Martin Schuring --- a must-read for all student oboists

The Art of Oboe Playing by Sprenkle and Ledet --- covers basics of good technique and reedmaking

Marcel Tabuteau by Laila Storch --- a biographical history of one of the great oboists of all time